Best online climate change global warming environment course Canada US – AIAOAS
Best online earth climate change global warming environment course Canada USA

Introduction to climate change and global warming

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One of the most important issues grounded in science today is whether humans are affecting the climate of the planet on which we live.  for the first time in human history, we are facing the planet-wide transformation of our environment wrought by human activities. In this workshop, the evidence, and mechanisms will discuss along with the potential impacts of humankind's effect on climate. We will explore the below topics in our workshop:

-What Is Climate? How Is It Different from Weather?

-Climate change

-What Is Causing Earth's Climate to Change?

-Global temperature record

-What Are “Proxy” Data?

-Paleoclimate change records

-Ice cores and climate change


-Tree rings and climate

-Pollens and Climate

-Human effect on global warming

-Limited resources: the human dilemma

-Global warming

-Earth’s natural greenhouse effect

-The enhanced greenhouse effects

-How Will Global Warming Change Earth?


This workshop has 1 session of 2 hours.