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The Universe Evolution: From Big Bang to Present Time

The Universe Evolution: From Big Bang to Present Time

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Humans have been trying for centuries to understand the universe and the planet on which they live. In this course, we are going to take you on a journey through time.  We will talk about how the universe, the stars, the Solar System and, especially the planet Earth, were formed and evolved for billions of years. We will investigate the reasons that have made the Earth a suitable place for the beginning and continuation of life. Finally, we will discuss climate change in the past, present, and future. This course is comprehensive in fundamental concepts of Big History, and we will cover:

- what was there before the big bang?

- What happened at the beginning of our universe?

- The epoch of Recombination:

-What happened after the epoch of Recombination?

-Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMB) or (CMBR)

-Formation of the Elements

-Formation of the Solar system and the Earth

- Giant clouds and star formation

-The Hadean Earth

-Difference between dwarf planets and terrestrial planets

-Comparison of Solid and Giant Planets

-Formation of the moon

-Origin of earth’s atmosphere, ocean, and organic reservoir:

-Pre-Cambrian Earth

-Archean Eon and the Origin of Life

-Plate Tectonics

-Proterozoic Eon

-Phanerozoic Earth