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An Introduction To Innovation and Creativity Management

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Innovation is group work and successful management of innovation groups is an art. These managers should provide an environment for the growth and development of creativity in the business. It can happen in any organization or in any business or even in the public sector.

Fast detection of new technologies or new methods in a business will provide the opportunity to prepare or even attract and use these technologies and methods sooner than other businesses and before they have a negative impact on business productivity.

Creativity and innovation and its management are a strategic need for businesses. In fact, businesses need a special mechanism to manage creativity and innovation. Therefore, these managers are responsible for organizing and managing programs that collect, reform, and provide new ideas for innovation purposes due to increasing productivity or stability.


In this short course some basic concepts of creativity and innovation management will  be briefly reviewed, like :


  • What is creativity?
  • Creativity and innovation management
  • The importance of having a creativity and innovation management department in a business
  • The most important roles of a manager in the creativity and innovation department of a business